Art On Paper

“The Body: A Map”

A map, 2016, 18 x 24 graphite, watercolor and pigment on Stafford paper.

The Absent Center

John Stevens_The Absent Center.jpg

2016. Triptych consisting of three 12″ x 9″ panels with an absent center panel.┬áInk, Graphite, and Watercolor on Strathmore Drawing Paper.

New Lines for Disparate Thoughts

12″ x 9″ Ink on Strathmore Drawing Paper

Triptych from Lines for Disparate Thoughts

Triptych, “7 x 5” panels, Ink on Strathmore Drawing Paper

Symbolic Architectures

A growing series of illustrations linking the architectural process of material world-building to other forms of cultural exposition and ideological explication. The lines cross and convene as both symbol and design, inviting the viewer to imagine their dimensions across any number of formats.

Ink and Water Color on mixed media | “7 x 5” | 2016

Ink on graph paper | 9″ x 6″ | 2015